Asian Voice Charity Awards powered by Charity Clarity launched to showcase the best charities

Asian Voice Charity Awards powered by Charity Clarity launched to showcase the best charities

Just 1% of charities in England and Wales hold 71% of the income, or a staggering £50bn. That’s almost enough to wipe out the entire British national budget deficit. By contrast the smallest 66,838 charities have less than 0.3% of the total income for charities.

Charitable organisations do great work all around Britain every day. The inaugural Asian Voice Charity Awards powered by Charity Clarity, to be held at an exclusive black-tie event on 20 May 2016 at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London, are about rewarding charities that think big.

The Awards are about charities seek to solve the most pressing social issues of our time, both in Britain and globally. That seek to innovative and strive for excellence. Whose success is judged by their end results.

In other words, the largest ones have budgets for marketing, for fundraising and for promotion of their activities. The smallest do not, but we want to showcase the excellence that exists in so many charities, social enterprises, CICs, unincorporated companies, projects and individuals.

These Awards are unique in that winners get a package of support that could be worth more than £20,000, including their profile in Asian Voice, free Charity Clarity services including grant applications, a free cost audit, and access to specialist trustee insurance products and exclusive participation in a fundraising event with The Funding Network just for the charity, including presentation training to get the organisation ready to pitch to potential donors.

Patron Michael Norton OBE, the co-founder of Unltd and well know social innovator and entrepreneur says: “The Asian presence in philanthropy in the UK is growing in significance, and I welcome the Asian Voice Charity Awards with its emphasis on charities operating internationally to encourage and showcase the many creative initiatives that people in the UK are taking to create a better world.”

Kate Marsh, CEO of The Funding Network, says they are partnering with the Charity Awards because they “looking to honour those who work to achieve excellence in their field.”

Funke Abimbola, General Counsel and Company Secretary for pharmaceutical major Roche and also a Patron, says: “Awards such as these are very important – to make sure a wide range of diversity champions, hard-working individuals and organisations are recognised for their efforts.” She has been recognised by Brummells magazine as one of the top 30 women champions of diversity in the UK.

These Awards are important and unique not just for the Patrons and Partners involved, but also to encourage charitable giving to good causes in the country. The Charities Aid Foundation found recently that 21% of people do not give to charity or take part in any social actions at all. Religious causes just the most money, followed by medical research and hospitals/hospices and children and young people. Older, richer women are the demographic most likely to donate. Those aged 16-24 are the least likely to be involved in charitable giving or social action.

The Charity Awards are for rewarding organisations for progress towards their dreams, regardless of whether they are small or big. You can submit your nomination at

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