Charity Live Crowdfunding, 8 Feb 2017

Charity Live Crowdfunding, 8 Feb 2017

Winners from the Asian Voice Charity Awards powered by Charity Clarity will come together to pitch for funding to help fund future projects. 

Charity Clarity and The Funding Network are organising Charity Live Crowdfunding on 8th Feb 2017. Each of these charities fought off stiff competition to win their respective accolade in May 2016.

The four selected projects have 6 minutes to pitch for funding. For attendees, there is no obligation to give, but guests can get caught up in the excitement of live crowdfunding. Selected projects are able to pitch for specific sums required to help them achieve their goals; typically pitching for funding in the region of £6,000, although they often achieve a higher amount.

So join us and reserve you place now!

The Charities:

Charity of the Year – Magic Bus UK: Magic Bus enables some of the world’s poorest families to move out of poverty. Through the use of a mentoring model and a sport-based curriculum, it engages children and ensures that they make the right choices from childhood to adult.

Start-up of the Year – My Life Films: My Life Films is a charity that uses filmmaking to improve the lives of people with dementia. They make free films that tell their life-stories, celebrating memories and shifting focus away from the illness. The work they do improves the quality of life of both the patient and their family.

Most Enterprising – Shanti Life: Shanti Life is a micro-finance charity which gives small loans to women in India to enable them to start a business and provide for their family. They transfer skills in entrepreneurship, finance, technology, social work, sustainability and training to people who are vulnerable. The work they do helps the women create a sustainable living and can change the life of an entire family.

Fundraising Campaign – Polio Children: Polio Children was set up in 2003 to educate the poor and physically challenged children, in India and Africa, so they could all look forward to a life of hope and dignity. The charity is helping empower young people with Polio and ensure that they have a long and fruitful future.

Live crowdfunding is fun. It is a casual evening where people get together, have a few drinks, relax, listen to heartwarming stories and donate to charities. Your money can go a long way to help those in need and the charities pitching on the night are doing fantastic work to put your money to a great cause.

So please join us on the night for this really special event.

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