Exclusive Two-day Charity Training  (8-9 Sept 2016, London)

Exclusive Two-day Charity Training (8-9 Sept 2016, London)

Update 1st July: ***ONLY 4 PLACES NOW REMAINING.***
When: Thursday 8th – Friday 9th September 2016
Where: Sarasin & Partners LLP – Juxon House 100 St Paul’s Churchyard, London, EC4M 8BU

Book directly below or for further info, email contact@charityclarity.org.uk.

Price: £999/person inc VAT (non-members)

Price: £100+VAT (Charity Clarity members only)

Free for Asian Voice Charity Awards winners

What is covered in the Charity Training

EPG and Charity Clarity are organising an exclusive charity training for charities, social enterprises and those who may be interested. We will cover trustee training, social impact measurement, insurance, investment management, leadership development, social media management, email marketing and more.

With a group size of no more than 20, the training will be interactive, hands-on and will be presented by a number of experts in the charity sector. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Over the 2 days of training, the areas of focus will be:

  • Trust Law: Learn more about Legal pro-bono which connects NGOs and social enterprises with legal teams offering free legal assistance world wide.
  • Social Impact Analysis: What are the different types of social impact measurement? What is most relevant for what charity? What is a theory of change? What do funders look for? This session will cover best practice, social audits, social return on investment and other methods of evaluation
  • Charity Trustee Training: The concept of trusteeship lies at the heart of the voluntary sector. It is the trustees who carry ultimate responsibility for the work of their organisation and this training is designed to assist you in what can be a very challenging task. Experts will cover charity accounts and provide guidance on the minimum that trustees should know about their charity’s finances eg. cash flow forecasts; balance of restricted and unrestricted income etc.
  • Charity Insurance: Small charities face the same challenges as bigger organisations – if not more so, given the often limited resources. Making sure everything runs as it should is complicated and time-consuming. It’s not too surprising if something like ‘sort out the insurance’ sits low on your to-do list.
  • Charity Investment Management: Understanding of the fundamental principles of charity investment, as well as their responsibilities as a trustee or charity manager.
  • Social Media/Digital Marketing: How do you use social media and digital marketing to reach for people? How best to use email marketing, social media and different social media tools to maximise your reach?  This will be an overview of all aspects of digital marketing that a charity should consider in terms of reaching more stakeholders and generating more revenue.
  • Google Grants – Adwords for Nonprofit: Learn more about Google Adwords Grant and how they can increase a charity’s online exposure. In April 2003 Google started awarding Ad Grant for charities to use this very same paid search channel. The charity’s paid search spend is taken from a $10,000 per month ad grant.
  • Sentiment Analysis for Charities: Sentiment Analysis uses natural language processing, text analysis and computational linguistics to identify and extract subjective information about your charity or your chosen subjects from the internet. What do people think of your charity today? How engaged are your followers on Twitter? If engagement went up by 20% on Facebook, how would that translate to greater donations? How do you understand the success of your digital marketing, based on sentiment, and compare it to your peers in the sector?
  • HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety for Charities: Experts will help you to simplify the complex areas of HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety helping you to get more from your staff. We are familiar with the common problems faced by business owners of all shapes and sizes and we provide solutions to their queries through our network of complimentary events.

Who should attend?

Training is open to charity staff and trustees.

Who delivers the training?

The training is delivered by the experts in our network who provide strategic advice and support to help charities  increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

Book your space now by emailing us at contact@charityclarity.org.uk.