Audience’s Choice Award

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For our Charity Awards 2019, we have a brand-new category: Audience’s Choice Award. In addition to our jury-decided Awards, this category is a special one, where you, the audience, votes for the winners. The list of organisations below are the charities who have submitted their nominations so far. You can filter for Most Voted or Alphabetically.

All you have to do is click on Vote, and then Share online! Voting ends on 31st March 2019. Votes submitted thereafter will not be counted.

You can have up to three votes each, so you can click on one charity that you really like three times, or give one vote each to different organisations. Please make sure you Share online too, to make sure your chosen charities get the most exposure online. May the best one win!

The SARVAM Trust

The SARVAM Trust facilitates and supports the developmental work of Sri Aurobindo Society, India, working towards an integral transformation of human conditions, by effecting sustainable social and economic changes. This is accomplished by bringing about a change in the mindset and consciousness of the individual and the community as a whole, and encouraging it to manifest in a diverse way and in all fields of life. Sri Aurobindo Society invites participation from all those who want to work together for a better tomorrow, with no distinction of nationality, religion, caste or gender.


Kamla Foundation

Kamla Foundation is a charity based in the UK working with marginalised communities in India, helping to develop their capacity to meet basic needs and create solutions to poverty and injustice. Through our work, ultimately we are trying to understand poverty. Poverty has many different faces, each one as unique as the next, each with strengths and weaknesses that can catalyse or inhibit an individual’s journey out of their wretched existence. Our approach is to build partnerships that respond to locally defined problems with culturally sustainable solutions


Midland Langar Seva Society

Midland Langar Seva Society is a charity to help the homeless and those in need around the UK. The charity was established October 2013 in Walsall providing hot food and drink to those living on the street and those on the poverty line. MLSS operates on Sikh based ethos, where we help and support all people from all cultures and backgrounds. MLSS over last 5 years expanded its services, and now works tirelessly across all major cities in the UK. We have over 30k service users in the UK who need help and support in addition MLSS have formed many links with other charities, businesses and government / religious organisations combating homelessness together to make a better Britain.


Vithu Trust Fund

Vithu Trust Fund is a charity organisation dedicated to improve and safeguard the lives of children in Sri Lanka and raises voice for the needy. There are thousands of children who go through the day without a single nourishing meal. They include victims of war, which has thrown the bread-winners of these families out of work and the future of our youngsters into darkness.


City Sikhs Network

The UK's largest network of Sikhs. We have over 7,000 members throughout the UK from all communities. We are based on universal values of professionalism, openness and mutual respect.


Go Dharmic

Go Dharmic is a volunteer movement for social welfare. We work to develop libraries for underprivellaged children, feed the homeless and provide assistance during times of need.


Water for Kids

Water for Kids improves the health and wellbeing of children and communities in low income countries, through the provision of safe water, good sanitation and other related public health measures, where current provision are absent or inadequate. Water for Kids have over 22 years experience as a charity; providing safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. We have transformed the lives of over 390,000 in 182 communities, in nine countries. Today, we work primarily in Uganda and Zambia where projects are managed by Ugandan and Zambian Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) who ensure sustainability.


Balloon Circus

Balloon Circus is a charity that brings uplifting entertainment to disadvantaged children encouraging creative play in a nurturing yet stimulating environment. The workshops provide the children with opportunities to learn new skills through balloons and interactive circus sessions. We want to awaken the inner performer and empower the children to sharpen their physical, mental, and social skills.


Adventure Aid UK

Started in 2010, We gain the funding for our projects supporting disadvantaged children and women across India, Sumatra, Tanzania, Mauritius, Nepal and Mongolia by running 8 day trips for teams of people from all over the UK and even aboard. The charity has four trustees but is ran by one man from his kitchen table so we have no operating costs and after the transport costs the rest of the money raised goes to the project and the team see exactly where every penny/rupiah/shilling goes to. Our Facebook page shows you our 5 star reviews from people who attend the trips and the smiles of the thousands of children we help and all because the founder recieved such hospitality from the people he met across Asia on his intial project from London to Tajikistan, he wanted to change perceptions and return the gesture.


Child Rescue Nepal

Child Rescue Nepal frees children from slavery. Today, there are over 40 million slaves worldwide, nearly a third of whom are children. In Nepal, we estimate that there are almost 100,000 child slaves working in hazardous situations. These children are extremely vulnerable and suffer frequent physical and emotional abuse. Sexual abuse is also common. We rescue children, keep them safe and reunite them with their families where possible. Child Rescue Nepal has rescued nearly 800 children but our work is far from over. We want to end child slavery in Nepal and we won’t stop until every child is free.



NishkamSWAT is a 100% voluntary charitable organisation based in the UK. Our primary function is to unite and transform financially disadvantaged communities by focusing on projects which make a difference to people’s lives improve their prospects.



Donate4Refugees is a grant-making charity which raises funds for grassroots groups working directly with refugees across Europe. Our grants alleviate the hardships refugee children, women and men face every day. Our vital humanitarian aid and support fills gaps left by governments and larger aid agencies and is offered person-to-person, with dignity and in friendship, by our inspiring network of independent volunteer groups on-the-ground.



Founded in 1979 by the legendary Tara Rajkumar, Akademi has been taking South Asian dance to unexpected places ever since. In that time, we have redefined the parameters of the art form itself. We have inspired audiences, developed artists and changed lives. Our passion burns brighter than ever.  


The Bhumi Project

The Bhumi Project is an international Hindu response to the environmental challenges facing our planet. It is facilitated by the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies in partnership with the GreenFaith.


Misty’s Meadows Sanctuary

To build/purchase a building for our current/future feral populations, gather food, vets, educational materials for the general public. Start adoption programs for those cats who can be adopted and pay for all spay/neuters. Also setting up a TNR in our area.


Elderly Accomodation Council

Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) is a national charity that aims to help older people make informed choices about meeting their housing and care needs. Since our early days we have worked on two fronts. Firstly, to deliver a first class information and advice service directly to older people and their relatives and carers. Secondly, to raise awareness amongst other advisory agencies, professionals and policy makers of the importance people attach to information and advice which helps them make their own decisions about how and where to live in older age.


Healing Little Hearts(HLH)

HLH sends volunteer teams of doctors and nurses to the poorest countries of the world to perform heart surgery on babies and children with heart defects for free. 1 million children die from untreated heart disease in the world annually .HLH has undertaken 129 camps in 11 countries, mainly in Africa and Asia and operated on 1722 children.Since 2014, HLH has undertaken 20 trips per year operating on over 250 children each year. HLH trains and empowers doctors and nurses in Africa and Asia with knowledge and skills to treat these patients independently. Volunteers take annual leave, with no salaries paid and minimal admin costs


Africa Educational Trust

Africa Educational Trust AET is an education specialist organisation, that believes supporting quality education is key for changing individuals, communities and countries for the better. Through their projects, they are building education systems that will provide education for all, while meeting the needs of people who have struggled to access education.


New Sight Eye Care

New Sight Eye Care, a charity registered in the UK and Hong Kong, is dedicated to long-term empowerment and partnership with local communities in Africa to transform lives and communities by preserving and restoring sight. In 2012, we pioneered a non-profit eye surgical centre in remote Impfondo, the first and only one to date in the Republic of the Congo. With our success and proven track record, we are extending our reach to help more patients nationally (as well as to neighbouring countries) through a newer and bigger eye hospital in Ouesso, a much more accessible location in the Congo.